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Achieving Social Change is hard

It takes courage, dedication and passion

But it also takes
time and money

Have Time on your Side!

Help your team deliver more without additional pressure!

What if your team could do
much more in a day
with the same resources?

Spend Less, Do More
for your

Amplify Social Change without extra resources

What if you could do more for your Constituents with the same money or even for less?

ToolB0x.eu helped us
lower the membership management burden of
our small Secretariat

Is your Non Profit Digital Ready?

Is your Non Profit Digital Ready?

Internal Tools

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Every day is a race!

Emails, social media, content creation, project management, physical and online events, membership fees and donations, fund raising, reports to donors, HR, finances and cost tracking...

creates internal
digital tools
for you to
take back time
do more in a day
with the
same amount
of resources

Break free from your Boundaries!

Unleash your efficiency!

Is your Non Profit Digital Ready?

External Tools

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Your action deserves to be seen!

The people you serve, your current donors and funders, potential new donors and funders, the media or the whole world out there, they all deserve to hear about your work and the change you are making

creates external
digital tools
allowing you to

.reach out
.be heard

Break free from your Boundaries!

Unleash your efficiency!

Toolb0x.eu is a No Code Agency

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What is No Code?

No Code apps are a new generation of online softwares that allow creators to develop digital solutions such as websites, tools and applications without writing a single line of code.

They allow the quick and cheap development of customised solutions for all kinds of needs.

No Code tools easily interact with other tools, allowing to develop powerful processes and automations.

Popular No Code solutions include

External tools that we create for you

Project Websites and

Mobile Applications for events and services

Fundraising Campaign

Member-Only Websites

Fully Automated Services

Communication Campaign

Internal tools that we create for you

Social Media Management Tools

Project Management Tools

Membership Management Tools

HR Management Tools

Costs Management Tools


We use No Code solutions to create the tools that suit your needs

Is your Non Profit Digital Ready?

How we work

This methodology is adaptable to all needs and budget, from a simple digital solution to a specific problem to a smooth digital transformation of your whole Non Profit

We identify your Work Flows

We examine how you work and create a business model allowing us to see and where efficiency can be improved

We analyse your data flows

You create data all the time. We help you focus on the important data in your business and optimise its collection

We create a central data repository

Data need to be securely stored and easily accessible. We create a central database customised to your needs where data can be analysed and acted upon

We automate your work processes

Some of the more tedious tasks in your daily work can often be automated so that you can focus on the important work. We identify those and give time back to you and your team

We use No Code solutions to create the tools you need

Receiving regular Constituents' requests for information that you find hard to manage?

We can help!

We recently assisted a Network organisation in ensuring their smooth communication with Members.

Previously, everything was email-based and time-consuming.

We built for them a custom solution based on Airtable and Softr.

They now have a dedicated webpage where Members can check whether their question has already been asked and submit their own if that is not the case.

Everything is managed automatically with minimum human intervention.

Estimated gain of time: 1 day a month for one person!

Need specific tools tailored to your own needs ?

Toolb0x is your solution !

We are a #NoCode Agency

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